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A few candids from the 1st Annual Gwen Beloti & Company Fundraiser.  

This year we hosted the Gwen Beloti & Company Big Dinner in Brooklyn as part of the Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) Big Dinner Project.   LDFA organized this project and garnered the support of groups and businesses across the globe.  Each separate entity dined in their own city to raise money for the same cause.

Monies were raised to provide clean water and educational resources to 12 villages in Africa.  We were so glad to do our part here in Brooklyn.

We were so inspired by the event that we pledged for Giving Tuesday 2016-2017 to host a 2nd Annual Gwen Beloti & Company Fundraiser event.  We're currently researching non-profit organizations to partner with for our 2017 fundraiser.

We've also pledged to host our 3d Annual 100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa project. 

We're so grateful for all of the support, we're most grateful that these efforts will benefit the children.

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