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What an experience it was watching this documentary. You get to see how much of a blessing it is to flourish into your golden years, years that some don't get to see. These ladies, all above the age 60, aren't merely living, they're thriving with such a colorful, vivacious and carefree spirit. I'm so here for it 🙌🏾. LOVE IT!!

I was and am in awe and filled with admiration.  There were so many quotes, takeaways, and words of wisdom that touched my spirit watching this film. Some of my faves:

"I don't wear a helmet when I bike, its takes away from my outfit."

"I'm dressed up for the theater of my life everyday" "It's inexcusable for a woman not to have her nails polished or have nice shoes, it has nothing to do with money."

"Hand to mouth is better than 9-5." "I don't go home with money, but I go home with style."

"It's not about fashion it's about the attitude that style is healing."

"Fashion is about personal creativity."

"I consider my body an armature an I then just build upon it, and assemble and I build and I construct using textures layers and color to create the structural look I'm interested in for my body. And to me that's the most fun."   

"Good style improves the environment for everybody."

"When you're creative you stay vital."

"I have to have things that are beautiful and wonderful."

"There is no time limit to anything."

"When you look good you look good. Enjoy the moment."

Kudos to the creator Ari Seth Cohen for shedding light on already very bright and vibrant spirits. The documentary Advanced Style is a must see. 🙏🙌

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