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This collection is poetic because in the true definition of the word, a poem is something that arouses strong emotions because of its beauty; that’s what this collection does for me and my hope that it does for you.
It represents the constant in the evolution of the brand. We’ve incorporated into this collection, design elements that have been staples across our collections over the years. Throughout the maturation of the label over the past 8 years the core ambiance has been unvarying - feminine fitted and flowy silhouettes that are fun but classic.  For this SS ‘17 collection we chose to metaphorically showcase that through color. We chose black and white because it's classic and reliable; yellow because it's vibrant and spontaneous.
Fashion for me is reminiscent of freedom.  With that I relish the opportunity to work with a variety of materials and textures.  I particularly love creating with materials that are rich in quality and incorporating design elements that are sometimes totally unnecessary but for the sake of pomp and circumstance it makes you feel good.  
More than that I love seeing real everyday women feel beautiful in their clothing and that means accessibility. Gwen Beloti Collection comprises two lines, Gwen Beloti - the higher end line of luxe fabrics and purposeful details that emit tasteful edge and femininity;  GB by Gwen Beloti - a collection of trendy silhouettes that exude a feminine semi casual glam look and feel.
When customers see our collection I want them to see stylish, attainable, and wearable fashion.  I want them to be excited about pieces they can see in their wardrobe and on themselves.  Our pieces are for real women with real lives who are style conscious or desire to be.
We value more than just your look but your investment.  We wholeheartedly respect, understand, and appreciate the value of a garment and recognize that your wardrobe is an investment in you.
Gwen Beloti

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