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We snagged this shot from GQ.

What is "GQ" anyway...

Literally speaking, it's an acronym for mag title Gentlemen Quarterly.  Figuratively however, for our purposes of sharing, GQ makes us think about #BAE.  BAE is well groomed, put together, and his style is undeniable.  Now this doesn't mean he wears a suit and tie all the time, absolutely not... It doesn't mean that he works in an office from 9-5 or is shy of any body art or facial hair... it instead means he's unrestricted and free.  He owns his look... His presence by virtue of his style fills the room. It speaks for him. 

Just saying, GQ is BAE.

Stay tuned for our 2017 Father's Day Men's Style Feature.

photo cred: @GQ instagram

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