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..had the pleasure of chatting with Rebate Zone this week and the Q&A went something like this...
Some of the greatest entrepreneurs we see today were self-taught. They constantly serve to restore our faith in the world. The bottom line is that if you are determined enough, no matter your circumstances, you will succeed in your endeavor. Fashion has often found its inspiration in art. It is only natural then that sometimes people turn to fashion to express themselves. But, to teach yourself what you love and make a successful business out of it – that is something we all dream about, yet few go on to achieve.
Join us, as we have a small chat with Gwen Beloti from, about her entrepreneurial journey which brought joy and purpose not only to her life but also serves to inspire others.
When did you launch the ecommerce website?
I started selling my clothing line online approximately 6 years ago in 2010.
Was it something which was always at the back of your mind?
I was always intrigued by stylish clothing, designer brands and the latest trends, but I never considered making a career of it.
Is there a specific incident that changed your outlook?
It’s so funny that you ask because...
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